Personal Excellence

Today’s modern athlete faces an increasingly complex environment and media scrutiny which places significant pressure on all areas of an athlete’s life and their ability to manage their action to perform in life and sport.

Personal Excellence is an AIS initiative supported and delivered through Australia’s Winning Edge (AWE) Strategy. It focuses on equipping athletes with the awareness to make decisions which impact performance in sport and life and successfully progress through their athletic journey.

Personal Excellence is a key element in the holistic development of performance. The PE program centres around the three PE key learning areas — Dual Career, Sport | Life and Progression — and provides you with guidance, access to resources, learning opportunities and sport specific programs that will enable you to grow personally and professionally in the 3 areas and to understand and develop the PE principles of responsibility, accountability, professionalism, integrity and resilience.

Personal Excellence address the myriad of contemporary issues facing today’s modern athlete including:

  • social media
  • image/public profile
  • media
  • mental wellbeing
  • integrity
  • professionalism
  • career and education
  • finance
  • anti-doping
  • illicit drugs and gambling

Personal Excellence Network diagram
The Personal Excellence Network consists of providers that are located across Australia – some directly engaged within an NSO while others are based in SISSAS organisations Personal Excellence takes wellbeing support to athletes to new level in an era where there is great scrutiny and pressure on all areas of an athlete’s life. Placing the importance on and developing yourself as an individual is ultimately your responsibility.

More than 3,000 elite athletes are eligible to access Personal Excellence each year, taking advantage of the national network and highly qualified staff located in each state and territory. National Personal Excellence is a member of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). This requires staff and programs to meet national industry standards.

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Stewart Pither
Manager, Performance Services