TIS Individual Support Programs

Each application will be assessed against the TIS Individual Support Programs’ criteria. Within the assessment process the Tasmanian Institute of Sport will detemine the most appropriate level of support.

The TIS at their discretion may offer one of the following:

Individual Scholarship

Athletes awarded a TIS Individual Scholarship will be eligible to access a range of TIS services as well as some financial assistance for training and competition expenses.

The details of service provision and financial assistance will be determined by the TIS following assessment and development of an appropriate Individual Performance Plan.

Assisted Athlete Fund

The Assisted Athlete Fund aims to provide financial assistance to Tasmanian athletes selected to represent Australia who:

  • are not yet at a high enough level to receive an Individual Scholarship
  • are in a situation where they do not require TIS services apart from financial support to attend their selected competition.

NOTE: Funding will be provided to athletes selected for open level International Benchmark Events only.

The assistance is provided for a nominated period of up to six months, pending the athlete’s training and competition plan. Funding is limited to up to $3,000 per athlete, per annum.

Sports ineligible

Individual Athlete Support is not available to athletes that participate in the following sports:

  • Cycling, hockey, rowing and track and field.
  • Netball, canoe slalom, swimming and sailing.

If you are involved in the sports listed in category ‘a’, contact the coach through the details listed on the respective sport’s web page for details. The TIS runs a National Training Centre (NTC) program for these sports. For further information on NTC’s see the Sports page.

For sports listed in category ‘b’, please contact the relevant State Sporting Organisation for details. The TIS runs an Elite Development Program (EDP) for these sports. For further information on EDP’s see the Sports page.

Program Guidelines

TIS Individual Scholarships are available to athletes normally resident in Tasmania who are registered with a national or state sporting organisation Tasmanian athletes competing in sports that are not receiving support through any other TIS programs:

  • Applicants may apply for a TIS Individual scholarship at any time.
  • The period of the scholarship offered will be based on an assessment of the athlete’s Individual competition plan, with reference to key selection events.

Individual Scholarships will be awarded based on the National Athlete Categories.

An Individual Scholarship with the TIS will be primarily determined by the following criteria:

  1. the athlete's ranking in his/her sport at the international level;
  2. the athlete's potential for advancement to or improvement at the international level;
  3. the number of high performance or potential high performance competitors within the sport;
  4. the proposed annual competition, training program and location of the athlete;
  5. the level of assistance athletes are receiving from other parties.

Athletes will be requested to submit a training program for the scholarship period, indicating their competition and training requirements and a projected estimate of associated costs.

All applications must be addressed to:

TIS Individual Support Programs - Applications
PO Box 93
Prospect, Tasmania 7250


For more details:

Ilene Carr
Sport Program Coordinator