TIS Rowing Program 2016-17

(Interim – to be reviewed in January 2017)

The Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) conducts a rowing program in partnership with Rowing Australia and Rowing Tasmania.


Objective: To develop and prepare Tasmanian athletes to compete successfully at an international level.

The TIS rowing program offers scholarships to support the development of Tasmania’s elite rowing athletes and provides the pathway for selection into national teams and Rowing Australia’s National Training Centres.

The program includes access to:

  • expert coaching;
  • international standard rowing equipment;
  • sport science and sports medicine services;
  • strength and conditioning services and gym facilities; and
  • personal excellence services.

The program also provides support for athletes competing in national and international events.

The TIS also provides a training base for Australian crews preparing for international competitions when required.

Scholarship criteria

To be eligible for a TIS High Performance (HP) Rowing Scholarship, athletes must participate in:

  • two 5km time trials in single sculls (24 September and 5 November); and
  • a 5km supervised open rate ergometer test between 17 and 27 October.

Please note, any athlete that has competed at the 2016 U23/Senior World Championships or Olympic Games will be exempt from the first time trial.

Athletes must rank in the top 3 per cent on prognostic for their age group and category in both 5km time trials to be considered for the first round of 2016/17 TIS HP Rowing Scholarships.

Athletes outside of the top 3 per cent in the times trials may be considered in the second round of TIS HP Rowing Scholarship offers if they can complete a 5km open rate ergometer test that compares favourably to the Australian Rowing Team Benchmarks.

To receive a lightweight prognostic, lightweight athletes must be on or under 6 per cent of FISA average weight (Men 74.2Kg, Women 60.4kg). Weigh in will be conducted under FISA competition rules.

In addition, to be considered athletes will be assessed on their capacity to meet the requirements of a high performance rower through their application and personal conduct.

Each athlete must demonstrate a willingness to make the appropriate time and life-style commitments necessary for success at international level.

This includes being prepared to relocate to the relevant Rowing Australia National Training Centre if selected by Rowing Australia.

Scholarship period

1 November to 31 October annually.

Culture and Values

The TIS values of Excellence, Team Work and Integrity apply across all TIS sports programs.

Values are incredibly important because they underpin culture and strongly influence performance. They let others know what is important to us and are reflected in the way we behave.

Each program individually defines what the TIS values mean and how they play out in the behaviours and attitudes of the coaches, athletes and support team involved in that program.

The image below sets out the Values as they apply to the TIS rowing program.TIS scholarship athletes must demonstrate commitment to the TIS values and behave in accordance with the values as they apply to the program they are part of at all times.

A National Training Centre program conducted by the Tasmanian Institute of Sport in partnership with Rowing Australia and Rowing Tasmania. The National Rowing Centre of Excellence (NRCE) runs the Rowing Australia High Performance plan in a joint venture with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS).

For more details:

Brett Crow
NTC Head Rowing Coach

Brendan Long
Rowing Performance Coordinator

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