Canoe Slalom

What Is Canoe Slalom?

Canoe Slalom is a timed sport where competitors must paddle through a gated course in the fastest time possible. Each gate consists of two poles hanging 1 metre apart from a wire strung across the river. There are 18-25 numbered gates in a course, of which 6-7 must be upstream gates. Downstream gates are coloured green and white, and upstream gates red and white indicating the direction they must be negotiated. 2 second penalties are added to the time for each gate which was hit by the paddler, and 50 seconds added for each gate missed or incorrectly negotiated.

Watch below to see if canoe slalom might be for you.

If you are aged 10-15 and interested in trying canoe slalom please register here to attend a pool based introductory session.

Session Details:
When - Monday 17 September & Monday 24 September 2018
Time - 7.30pm – 9.00pm
Where - Clarence Aquatic Centre - 4 Loinah Crescent, Montagu Bay, Hobart
What you need to bring - Boardshorts, rash vest and goggles