Dual-sport Athlete Program

Benefits of being a dual-sport athlete

There are numerous cross-sport skills that can be learned in one activity, then applied to others. Athletes can enhance their hand-eye coordination, balance, endurance, explosion, communication or agility by participating in multiple sports. Cross-training, different types of coaching, different training environments and different challenges, develops a more competitive, well-rounded athlete. Variety in training increases motivation to train, and has been found to reduce overuse injuries, as key muscles for one sport are given a rest and others are strengthened.

What we are looking for

We are looking for talented athletes that have the potential to train and compete in more than one sport.

Are you:

  • Aged 14-24
  • A current or former state representative of a sport
  • Interested in training and competing in a second sport

Dual-sport athletes may:

  • Train and compete in one sport for the winter season and another for the summer season; or
  • Train and compete in both sports simultaneously

A TIS physiologist will monitor load to ensure that overtraining does not occur.

The following support may provided by the TIS

  • Physiological Testing
  • Strength and Conditioning Training
  • Wellness Monitoring
  • Musculoskeletal Screening
  • Medical Screening
  • Psychology Screening
  • 1 x Nutrition Appointment
  • 1 x Sports Psychology Appointment
  • Access to Recovery Modalities

If you are interested in applying to be a dual-sport athlete with the TIS, click here to register your interest.