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The Tasmanian Institute of Sport (TIS) established the TIS Champions Club in 2006. The Champions Club recognises TIS athletes who have made a significant contribution to the development of elite sport in Tasmania through their performances and interaction with various levels of the sporting and general community.

The TIS Champions Club recognises athletes who have held a TIS Scholarship for more than five years and achieved exceptional performances on the international stage in their chosen sport. Outstanding performances such as a medallist at the Olympics, World Championships or Commonwealth Games may be considered for inclusion into the TIS Champions Club. To be considered for inclusion an athlete must be retired from international level competition and seen to have demonstrated a high level of professionalism and conduct throughout their sporting career.

The following athletes are members of the TIS Champions Club:

Matt GossCycling2018
Tim DeavinHockey2018
Sam BeltzRowing2016
Scott Brennan OAMRowing2015
Kate HornseyRowing2015
Hollie Grima Basketball 2014
Anthony Edwards Rowing 2013
Belinda Goss Cycling 2013
Dana Faletic Rowing 2013
David Guest Hockey 2013
Matthew Wells Hockey 2010
Bianca Langham Hockey 2006
Daniel Collins Kayak 2006
Daniel Sproule Hockey 2006
Darren Balmforth Rowing 2006
Justin Boocock Canoe Slalom 2006
Melissa Carlton Swimming 2006
Nick Rogers Yachting 2006
Paul Wiggins Athletics 2006
Simon Burgess Rowing 2006
Stephen Hawkins Rowing 2006