Sports Medicine Network

The TIS has a consultant Sports Medicine Network throughout Tasmania who provide services to athletes and coaches in the following areas:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Performance Psychology
  • Physiotherapy

On entry into the Tasmanian Institute of Sport all athletes undergo a mandatory medical and musculoskeletal screening.

The Sports Medicine Network is overseen by area leads to enable a best practice framework to communicate and connect with the system and provide a proactive approach to performance health of athletes.

Dr Steve Reid - Chief Medical Officer
Steve has been a member of the TIS Sports Medicine Network since soon after his arrival in Hobart in 2004. In Steve’s Chief Medical Officer role, he will be dedicating time each week to reviewing athlete screenings, as well as new injuries and illnesses. He will welcome communication from other providers in the Sport Medicine Network who wish to discuss athletes with complex case management issues. Steve will attend Zoom meetings with Chief Medical Officers for other State Institutes of Sport, and NSOs, and forward relevant information throughout our network. As part of his role, Steve also continues to oversee our COVID-19 policies.

Kellie Wilkie - Lead Physiotherapy Coordinator
Kellie has been a TIS consultant Physiotherapist since 2000. In 2021, Kellie established our formalised TIS Physiotherapy network, this network continues to provide a connected and proactive approach to the athlete performance health. Kellie will also be available in the TIS environment, where she will be available to triage difficult athlete cases, meet with coaches and programs and provide any specific education that has been identified at a sports program, coaching or athlete level. Kellie will be a point of call for Physiotherapists and coaches for advice about injury management or performance optimisation and will work in a coordinated way with medical and psychological services.

Lydia Black - Psychology Lead
Lydia has a Clinical Psychology Masters Degree and has worked as a psychologist for over 14 years. Currently working in private practice, Lydia enjoys working in the area of performance psychology and with many other mental health issues. Lydia has a past life as an elite athlete and coach. As a psychologist, she has supported athletes from various sports, including but not limited to; rowing, cycling, gymnastics, para-archery, athletics, skateboarding, para‑swimming, sailing, horse-riding, figure skating, golf, cricket, basketball, soccer, netball and hockey. In her role, Lydia will support the TIS in the capacity of Performance Psychology and Mental Health Coordinator, in addition she also sees athletes in her office in Battery Point or via Telehealth options.

SPORTS MEDICINE (external consultants)

NameOrganisationEmail and Telephone
Dr Steve Reid
Dr David Humphries
Dr Liam Geraghty
Sports Medicine Practice – Hobart Phone: (03) 6231 9225
Dr Ian Beltz Glenorchy Medical Centre Email:
Phone: (03) 6274 0800
Dr Glen Richardson Launceston Medical Centre Email: 
Phone: (03) 6388 8111
Dr Jerome Muir Wilson Launceston Medical Centre Email:
Phone: 03 6388 8111
Dr John Fisher Patrick Street Clinic – Ulverstone Email:
Phone: (03) 6425 1611



Email and Telephone

Kellie Wilkie
Kate Moore
Nick Wilson
Bodysystem Physiotherapy – Hobart Email:
Phone: (03) 6231 5991
Peter Eckhardt Back in Motion – Hobart Email:
Phone: (03) 6217 9218
Matt Lancaster Participate Tasmania  – Hobart Email:
Phone: (03) 6237 0008

Ben Hayes

Leap Health – Newtown Email:
Phone: (03) 6228 0756
Lia Giovanovits
Sally McLaine
Physiotas – Launceston Email:
Phone: (03) 6334 0622
Damien Moore Coastal Physiotherapy – Burnie

Phone: (03) 6431 4586

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY CONTACTS (external consultants)


Email and Telephone

Lydia Black Focused Psychology Services – South* Email:
Phone: (03) 6118 4944

*Based in this region, can travel statewide

SPORTS NUTRITION CONTACTS (external consultants)


Email and Telephone

Gaye Rutherford Consultant Dietitian – South* Email:
Phone: 0409 149 247
Jaymeila Webb Consultant Dietitian – North*

Phone: 0428 205 285

*Based in this region, can travel statewide

For more information:

Ilene Carr
Manager, High Performance