Tasmania has a strong history of success in the sport of cycling. The TIS is currently looking for cyclists to compete on the track and on the road.

Track Cycling

Track cycling events fit into two broad categories: endurance and sprint. At an elite level, riders will typically compete in just one of these categories, however junior riders may compete in both.

The main sprint events are:

  • Sprint
  • Team Sprint
  • Time Trial
  • Keirin

The main endurance events are:

  • Individual Pursuit
  • Team Pursuit
  • Scratch Race
  • Points Race
  • Elimination
  • Madison
  • Omnium

Click on the video below to find out more about the different track cycling events.

Road Cycling

Road cycling events fit into two broad categories: mass start events, where riders start simultaneously (road race, criterium); and time trials, where individual riders and teams race a course alone against the clock.

The main road cycling events are:

  • Time Trial
  • Road Race
  • Criterium

Road cycling races may occur as separate events or as part of a stage race or “tour”, which consist of several mass start or time trial stages ridden over consecutive days.

If you are interested in trying track or road cycling for the first time or are interested in joining a club please contact