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A National Training Centre program conducted by the Tasmanian Institute of Sport in partnership with Cycling Australia (CA) and Cycling Tasmania (CT).


To identify and develop talented Tasmanian athletes with the potential to progress to National squad/team level and represent Australia at junior and/or senior level.


There are three components to the program structure. The pathway starts with Talent Identification (tier 1 and 2) which leads into the Talent Development Academy (tier 3 and 4) where the top athletes (tier 4) will be offered a TIS Talent Development Scholarship. This feeds into TIS High Performance Scholarships which can be either; National Training Centre (speed or endurance) or Individual (road, mountain bike, BMX).

To support the development of Tasmania’s elite cyclists, the TIS offer scholarships which provide access to the below:
- strength and conditioning
- performance nutrition
- recovery and injury prevention
- coaching
- sport psychology
- sport science
- athlete wellbeing and engagement services
- access to specialised equipment
- support for athletes competing in national and international events


The cycling program operates under a specific selection criteria for Track and Road guided by Cycling Australia. Following major National and International cycling events potential new scholarships will be considered.

Some examples include:

  • National Championships
  • Oceania Championships
  • UCI Events

To enquire, contact the Head Coach.

Program Year:

1 May to 30 April.

Other TIS Programs:

TIS Racing Team:

A partnership has been formed with Tas Pro Cycling, StLukes Health, Dulux, Giant, Petuna, and Spirit of Tasmania to provide a team structure for scholarship athletes to participate in National Road Series events (NRS).

Please follow the TIS Racing Team as they compete in the National Road Series.

For more details:

Matthew Gilmore
NTC Head Cycling Coach

Belinda Goss
Cycling Coach 

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