Individual Scholarship Program


There are six levels of Individual Scholarship: Podium, Podium Ready, Commonwealth Gold, Podium Potential, Developing and Emerging. These scholarships are provided to athletes from sports in which a small number of athletes are performing at the required level in the sport, or where the sport does not have the infrastructure to provide a coach/coordinator and other support services necessary for an Elite Development Program (EDP) or National Training Centre (NTC) program.

Athletes are provided with funding support to enable access to national/international standard training, competition and other services provided by the TIS, such as sports science testing, strength and conditioning, athlete wellbeing & engagement services, nutrition and psychology. The TIS works directly with the athletes and coaches to help coordinate their programs and the utilisation of their funds. The level of support each athlete receives is dependent on the type of scholarship obtained.

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Ilene Carr
Sport Program Coordinator