Supplement Information

Vitamin, herbal and nutritional supplements

Vitamin, herbal and nutritional supplements are not subject to the same stringent testing as registered pharmaceutical products so there is a risk that supplements may contain impurities, such as ingredients that are not listed on the label, which could cause a positive test. For this reason SIA is unable to guarantee the status of the product.

Some athletes choose to contact the manufacturer of the product to obtain a written guarantee regarding the status of the product.

*Use of supplement products is at the athlete's own risk.

We recognise that supplements can play a role in athletes achieving at their peak performance. However we also acknowledge the influence of the supplement industry and athlete testimonials on scholarship holders.

The results of the present concern of supplements in sport include:

  • A small but real risk of a positive 'doping' outcome
  • Money being wasted on products that simply do not work
  • Time, money and belief being distracted away from the factors that can really enhance health, recovery and performance.

With these concerns in mind the TIS recommends the AIS Sports Supplement Program as the appropriate vehicle for TIS athletes and coaches seeking information on supplements.

AIS Sports supplement program

The AIS Sports Supplement Program provides information about sports supplements in general and how supplements are used at the AIS via web page links.

The aims of the program include:

  • Allow athletes to focus on sound use of supplements and special sports foods as part of their special nutrition plans
  • Ensure that supplements and sports foods are used correctly and appropriately to deliver maximum benefits to the immune system, recovery and performance.
  • Give athletes the confidence that they receive 'cutting edge' advice and achieve 'state of the art' nutrition practices
  • Minimise the risk of supplement use leading to an inadvertent wrongdoing.

Details of the program is available through the link below: