Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

The national Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement (AW&E) Network consists of providers based in State Institute of Sports (SIS/SAS) organisations and National Sporting Organisation environments.

This multifaceted approach provides athletes with guidance, resources, and educational opportunities to achieve personal and professional empowerment.

AW&E’s purpose is to lead and support Australia’s sporting industry to understand that a successful high-performance culture means athletes finding the right balance between wellbeing, engagement activities outside of training and competition and the requirements of elite sport.

A holistic training and life balance approach is achieved by individualised services, designed to assist athletes to achieve their highest potential by creating a unique environment necessary for individual success.

This is driven through five work streams:

  • Mental Health
  • Conduct and Professionalism
  • Personal Development
  • Career and Education
  • Community Engagement

The TIS maintains a strong partnership with the national AIS AW&E program and UTAS, through the Elite Athlete Education Network and the TIS Sports Science Sports Medicine Network.

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Stewart Pither
Manager, Performance Services