Individual Support Program

An athlete may apply for TIS individual support at any time.

Individual Support Program - Application Form (Word)


The TIS Individual Support Program (ISP) purpose: to provide opportunities for performance progression to Tasmanian elite athletes in sports where the TIS does not deliver or partner in a program.

The TIS currently partners in programs with the following sports: cycling, hockey, rowing, track & field, netball, canoe slalom, swimming and sailing. Enquiries relating to these sport programs should be directed to the TIS Sport Program Coordinator in the first instance.

The ISP typically caters to elite senior athletes and targeted junior high-performance athletes competing in Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Games sports.

In keeping with the Australian Institute of Sport’s (AIS) sport categorisation strategy, athletes who have a current ‘categorisation’ with their National Sporting Organisation (NSO) will be prioritised in terms of allocation of available resources.

The application assessment process will firstly determine if the application meets the criteria for support. If so, the second determination is the appropriate level of support.

Each application will be assessed against the TIS Individual Support Program criteria (below).

An athlete’s National and State Sporting Organisation (NSO/SSO) will be consulted - for endorsement - as a component of the assessment.

All applicants and the respective NSO/SSO will receive written notification of the outcome.

At the completion of the assessment process, the TIS may offer an athlete one of the following:

Levels of Support:

Individual Scholarship

An athlete assessed at TIS ‘Individual Scholarship’ level is provided with a support package – including financial assistance - enabling access to:

  • national/international standard training and competition and
  • targeted performance support services such as sport science testing, strength and conditioning, performance nutrition, performance psychology and athlete wellbeing & engagement.

Allocation of resources - financial assistance and performance services support - will be tiered according to the athlete’s sport categorisation, their recent performances and potential for performance progression at *benchmark international events/competitions.  Use of TIS facilities and or training venues, strength and conditioning and sport science servicing will be available on a case by case basis.

As part of the support package, the TIS will work directly with the scholarship athlete and their coach to help coordinate, administrate and maximise use of the support.

The period of Individual Scholarship support will be determined based on an athlete’s individual competition plan, with a focus on key selection events.

*Benchmark Events/Competitions – the highest ranked event/competition each year, specific to an athlete’s sport, at the appropriate age and level i.e. World Championships.

Assisted Athlete

An athlete assessed at TIS ‘Assisted Athlete’ level is an identified athlete (by their sport) - considered on current progression trajectory – capable of qualifying for Individual Scholarship level support within a period of one year. Assisted athlete support provides short-term assistance, targeted toward a specified performance outcome at a specific event/competition.

The support provided is either financial or identified performance servicing.

The TIS are available to work directly with the athlete and their coach to help coordinate, administrate and maximise use of the offered support.

Assessment Criteria

TIS individual support is available to Tasmanian athletes normally residing in Tasmania, registered with a National or State Sporting Organisation and competing in sports not receiving support through any other TIS program (refer to ‘overview’ at the top of this page).

Support will be primarily assessed against the following:

  1. athlete's international level ranking
  2. athlete’s ‘categorisation’ (determined by their sport);
  3. athlete’s potential for categorisation progression;
  4. athlete's potential for improvement at international level;
  5. number of high performance or potential high-performance competitors within the sport;
  6. proposed annual competition and training plan
  7. athlete’s location (daily training environment)
  8. level of assistance received from other parties.

Athletes will be requested to submit a training program, indicating their competition and training requirements and a projected estimate of associated costs.

All applications must be addressed to:

TIS Individual Support Program - Applications
PO Box 93
Prospect, Tasmania 7250

For more details:

Ilene Carr
Manager, High Performance