Sports Performance

Sports Performance Unit (SPU)

The TIS Sports Performance Unit (SPU) has a purpose built and nationally accredited Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) which has been in existence at the Silverdome premises since 1997. In 2007, a strength training facility was constructed alongside the HPL providing a state of the art gym to the TIS northern office. In addition, the TIS have an HPL and Physical Preparation services located at the southern office.

The Sports Performance Unit conducts a wide range of tests on scholarship holders and identified athletes and provides information to coaches and athletes regarding performance. In conjunction with this information there is assistance with training and competition and the provision of up to date information in the sports performance field.

Testing can be divided in to two areas: "Laboratory" and "Field" testing.

Laboratory testing is conducted at the TIS in the HPL, while field testing is conducted at different sporting venues depending on the sport. Athletes are expected to present themselves for testing in a manner which will allow them to achieve their best.

Field testing is conducted in the main for team sports.

Testing includes:

  • Anthropometry
  • Explosive power
  • Sprint speed
  • Change of direction
  • Flexibility
  • Abdominal Strength
  • Endurance (using the 20m shuttle run test)
  • Sports Specific Tests (depending on the national protocol)

For more details on Sport Performance:

John Gregory
Senior Scientist
Ben Scarlett
Sports Performance Officer
Jake Cowin
Sports Performance Officer

Physical Preparation

The TIS strength and conditioning (S&C) unit represents one of the main components of any athletes training program. The aim of the unit is to provide specialist services in planning, delivering and monitoring training programs to assist the TIS’s athletes and coaches meet or exceed the physical demands required for a high performance athlete. This is achieved through the services of three full time S&C coaches, a PhD candidate and a Scholarship coach.

The current TIS S&C coaches have worked extensively with TIS athletes over the previous three Olympic cycles (as well as World Championship and Commonwealth Games campaigns) and have assisted athletes gain medals and performances throughout that time. Several national programs (i.e. Rowing Australia) also utilise the TIS’s S&C coaches to prepare athletes to the highest level.

The TIS S&C coaches have access to some of the best technology to assess and monitor training performance to ensure they are able to maximise physical performance. These include items such as GymAware Linear Position Transducers, ForceDecks Dual Force Plates Catapult GPS units, automated light gates, video analysis programs.

TIS S&C coaches provide services in the areas of speed, agility, endurance, strength, power and flexibility, along with injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. A thorough understanding of periodisation and the needs analysis of competition and athletes ensures that the TIS S&C coaches can produce programs that not only maximise long-term athlete development, but also prepare athletes for national and international competitions. This work is performed in consultation with TIS head coaches, sport scientists and sport medical network ensuring a coordinated approach to the development of every athlete.

The TIS strength and conditioning coaches are available to assist TIS athletes and coaches in designing and implementing these programs so as to maximise long term athlete development and performance gains.

For more details on Physical Preparation:

Peter Culhane
Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach
Kurt Tropiano
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Jake Cowin
Sports Performance Officer