Tasmanian Sporting Hall of Fame - Nominations Closed

The Tasmanian Sporting Hall of Fame recognises and celebrates Tasmania’s sporting heritage.

It honours outstanding Tasmanians who have represented their State and nation with distinction and ensures their sporting achievements receive recognition.

To be considered a person must meet the following criteria:

  • have achieved outstanding performance in sporting competition while either identifying themselves as Tasmanian or acknowledging Tasmania as their home.
  • have participated in open competition at the highest level of their sport.
  • be retired from that level of competition for a minimum period of four years.
  • have exhibited a standard of behaviour that is fair, ethical and above reproach in relation to the rules and regulations of their sport and the community’s expectations.

To find out more on the athletes  in the Sporting Hall of Fame, head to this link:

Tasmanian Sporting Hall of Fame recipients.

Nominations for the Tasmanian Sporting Hall of Fame are currently closed and will reopen each year in July.